Religion is the best thing that could happen to you!

You may have seen the video “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” that has been passed around the Internet for the past two years. I hear people constantly creating a false dichotomy between Jesus & religion. I get their intentions in this matter—I really do.  But, I disagree. But what if I told you that saying you hating religion could be the same as saying you hate your relationship with Jesus—the one who saved you?

Let me explain.

One of our early church fathers, St. Augustine, explained that the word religion came from the Latin word religare meaning “to … Read the rest

Why I Despise Christian Fundamentalism

Okay, the word despise may not be the right terminology. Fundamentalism isn’t entirely bad. However, there have been many possibly bad things which have come out of American Fundamentalism.

I just read a chapter from the book “Baptists in America.” I now understand why I both respect many aspects of Baptist theology but I also detest certain fundamentalist activity and methodology. Interestingly, fundamentalism is a very recent phenomenon in Christianity. It was created in the early 20th century to combat liberal theology. Sadly, it was too combative. The problem with fundamentalism is that it puts having correct, undefiled doctrine over … Read the rest

3 things to remember moving forward


After observing things the past two years, I have a few thoughts as we move forward as a nation, society, and as Christendom at large.

Firstly, some people blame our President for the failures of society. Others say we as Christians should look in the mirror for the culprit. We have to remember that people will always be imperfect. There will never be a perfect candidate. There will never be a perfect country. However, we can unite together behind the one who is always the same. The one who is always perfect. The one who not only loves but is … Read the rest

Reivew of Beyond Talent by John Maxwell

Beyond Talent, by John Maxwell, is a reminder that it takes more than good intentions and raw talent to succeed. Maxwell points out how we all know someone with lots of talent. This person had everything going for them, but they are still stuck in their parents basements (either metaphorically or literally). The book reminds us that: it’s not your raw talents that make you successful. It’s what you actually do…

Why I think most American Christians are wrong about Marriage

Recently, I have seen so much divisive language being passed around focused on the definition of marriage. It makes me sad that most of the thing I read are bashing another person’s deeply held beliefs instead of respectfully facilittating mutually beneficial discussion. Therefore, I wanted to try to add to the discussion something I have not seen anyone talk about. I hope to do it in a positive way. If the way I say something offends, I hope you can see past my imperfections as a human and can see what I am trying to say. Please share the page if you … Read the rest