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The Romans Road is a highly used method of sharing the Gospel in a succinct and straightforward way. The method is made up of five parts; each part is supported by at least one verse from the Book of Romans—thus the name, The Romans Road.

According to Mary Fairchild, a writer at, “There are many different versions of Romans Road with slight variations in Scriptures, but the basic message and method is the same.” Fairchild continues, “Many evangelical missionaries, evangelists and lay people memorize and use Romans Road when sharing the good news.” Furthermore, there are actually a few other books of the Bible that can be used in a similar fashion and with the same five parts the Romans Road method uses. These books include John, Hebrews, Revelation, 1 John, and Isaiah.

The five sections (and their verses) are normally in this order:

  1. Everyone is a sinner (3:10-12, and 23)
  2. The price of sin is death (6:23)
  3. Jesus Christ paid the price for us and died for our sins (5:8)
  4. We can receive salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ (10:9-10, and 13)
  5. Salvation through Jesus brings us into a relationship with God makes us righteous in His eyes. (5:1, 8:38-39)

Usually, after one presents the Gospel using this method, people are asked if they would like to respond to the Gospel and trust God as their Savior, and sometimes people use the “Sinner’s Prayer.” People are reminded that it is faith in the heart the Holy Spirit has instilled inside them and not words or acts that save them, but praying is good to do in order to thank God for this incredible gift of saving faith that now enables them to receive God’s Grace and all the gifts God wants to bestow on the believer.

Method Advantages

Some of the advantages of the Romans Road method is it is a good tool for not only beginning Christians, but also experienced ones as well. It can be both a way to teach the core doctrine of the Gospel, and it can be used to test whether or not what someone is preaching is in reality the Gospel. According to Mary Fairchild, “[The Romans Road] form[s] an easy, systematic way of explaining the message of salvation.” In essence, this method is a great way to summarize and in turn memorize the Gospel in a succinct and clear way. Secondly, this method is nice because you can more easily move through only the one book of the Bible than going through the entire Bible.

Method Disadvantages

The Romans Road method also has some possible disadvantages. First, sometimes you can more accurately explain the full extent of the Gospel by using verses from throughout the bible instead of only Romans. Secondly, if you only memorize this method and do not study the Gospel and the rest of the Bible, you may not be able to answer important questions people may have. Thirdly, this method is very straightforward, but it doesn’t specifically allow for any time in discussion or conversations. Sometimes, that can be taken by people as forcing your opinion on them, and so they get turned off by what you are saying so they miss out on the Gospel. If you are in a position of teaching or preaching, then this may be a good outline to follow. Finally, the Romans Road is probably best used as a method to summarize the Gospel in a concise fashion and not exactly as the way to present the Gospel in every occasion of life.

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